Saturday, 26 January 2013

Them cats

I have read quite a bit of web comics lately. A couple nice ones are Lackadaisy and Bittersweet Candy Bowl. Lackadaisy is a superbly drawn comic about a speakeasy called Lackadaisy and the folks running that place in 1920's during the prohibition. Bittersweet Candy Bowl in turn is a comic about high school teenagers who have in between them a bunch of one-way – and sometimes two-way – love relationships, and drama ensues.

These two don't have much in common, except that in both the main characters are cats. The Lackadaisy world is run by cats only, whereas BCB world is run by both cats and dogs and has bunch of other talking animals as well.

Nevertheless, the idea I had was: what if the folks from these two worlds came across each other? Never mind that they are from quite different eras or that the other cats walk around mostly naked and the others tend to be fully and stylishly dressed.

This would happen. Sooner or later.

The boy cat in comfy blue scarf is Mike from Bittersweet Candy Bowl. The lady cat in lovely orange dress is the ever chipper Ivy Pepper from Lackadaisy. The tools used are, as usual, ProMarker colored markers and Fine Liner black pens on marker-proof paper, all from Letraset.