Thursday, 25 October 2007

Openmind 2007

Looks like I'm a bit late blogging this, as Openmind was held already on 2. - 3. October and now it's end of the month.

Nevertheless, Openmind is an conference focusing on open source. It was held in Tampere, Finland. There were several interesting speakers. Most memorable for me were probably the talks on OpenMoko and Neo1973. Oh boy, I want one of those gadgets myself...

So, what I was doing there? Well, this conference is organized by COSS, the very same organisation that organizes Kesäkoodi. So, there was a session where every Finnish summer coder – or at least those who had reached the conference venue in time – presented their projects.

I gave my presentation on Inkscape there, too. It was a short talk, some ten minutes or so, covering what is Inkscape, what are filter effects and what improvements I made to Inkscape during summer. If you'd like to see this presentation, the slides are available at the Mindtrek website. They are also planning to post recordings of the sessions there. I don't know if these Kesäkoodi presentations were filmed, at least the camera was there. I'm now quite sure, if I want to see myself on video, though...

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