Friday, 11 January 2008

New Filter Effects Examples

I've created a couple more examples of using Filter Effects in Inkscape or in SVG generally. This time I focused on feTurbulence filter primitive, which fills the filter effects area with Perlin noise.

Perlin noise is often used for texture generation and modeling natural phenomena like clouds and smoke. In SVG drawings it can provide uneveness and noisiness, that is otherwise hard to create.

Each of these six stars has a different feTurbulence based filter applied:
(click on the image for nice & large version)

This example file will be available in SVG format in examples directory in Inkscape 0.46 release. Should you want it already, or you don't want to download all of Inkscape, it's already available in SVN.


Auba said...

On WinXP SP2, svn revision 17021:
select a star, open the fill dialog box, move the blur slider => crash.

Niko Kiirala said...

Oh, wow. That's quite annoying bug.

For bug reports, it's more useful to post them into Inkscape bug tracker than into my blog.

Then again, I'm wondering why that slider is even usable when there is already a more complex filter attached. That's bound to produce odd results.

Auba said...

I know, its just that I was in a rush and do not have an account on launchpad yet (do you want me to fill it now ?). Anyway, thanks for your work on inkscape, following it since its sodipodi days its awesome to see the directions it takes and the quality of the beast.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Keep on posting such articles. I love to read stories like that. Just add some pics :)