Thursday, 20 March 2008

Timing tool

Since getting myself a copy of In The Groove and a carrying bag for my dance mats, I've played dance games quite a lot. Both at my home by myself and at university with some friends.

A couple days ago, while listening to a song, I felt that I had an idea, what kind of steps it should have. I tried making those steps with the StepMania editor. Well, it proved to be nearly impossible to sync the arrows with the music, as the song was recorded by a live band and thus the beat rate wasn't exactly constant. So, I built a program to make the synching easier. It took around ten to fifteen hours to make a fairly usable program, and that time included plenty of testing and playing around with different versions.

So, if anyone wants to give it a shot, the program is available here: smsync.tar.gz. It's a source package, so you'll have to compile it yourself. I've built it on Linux, but I'd believe, it could be usable on other platforms, too.

And the stepfile I wanted to create? Well, it din't turn out nearly as good as this program, so I don't think I'll be publishing it any time soon.

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