Friday, 30 May 2008

Fun with markers 2: Freefall

A couple days ago I bumped into a great webcomic Freefall. One thing that caught my interest was how well the artist is able to express the characters' moods, reactions etc. in small scale and with just a couple lines. I decided to try and imitate that style.

So, here's Florence Ambrose, a Bowmans Wolf and a technician, from Freefall:

While I'm not quite happy with the colours (I need more brown shades!) I think that came out quite well.

For those who've been following this webcomic, finding the strip with Florence posing like that shouldn't be a hitch.

Also, I noticed that there are some interesting colours in my palette:

Blender, Orange and Apricot. Too bad, there's no colour Peach in my palette nor in ProMarker colour range.


Lukasz said...

Your Florence looks very nice. I hope you enjoy the comic, you have more than a few strips to read if you wish to start from the beggining

Niko Kiirala said...

Oh, thank you. And yes, I indeed do enjoy the comic and actually I've read them all from the beginning.