Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The sound of Soundbox

So, at last I managed to take some video of the Soundbox device I have built. I have discussed this device in two earlier posts, notably the electronics and the case construction.

Here I first demo the two different voices, sine and noise, separately. After that, I try to build some nice sounding loop with both voices combined. The latter part is somewhat failure, though. On a previous try of recording the video I actually managed to build a loop that sounds mostly good, but some glitch messed up the audio on that.

This video had been sitting on my hard drive and Google's servers for quite a while, since at the time when I recorded it, I was unable to embed it into a post using the Blogger editor. But now, as I was writing an another post, I noticed that there were new options in the "Add image" dialog and I was able to post this video. Yay!

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