Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Assembly 2007

Once again, the Finnish demoparty Assembly has ended. Well, actually it ended already on Sunday, but anyhow.

It was really great to meet all those friends who were there, watch the demos and other compos, check out the booths etc. This year I had again created a intro to be shown at Assembly. Well, it was shown. The entries in 4k compo were of really good quality, and my style is obviously a bit odd, so it ended up on 10th place out of 11 entries shown. For those, who are interested, grab the intro: tsunami.tar.bz2, complete with source code. It's under GPL, naturally ;)

On the not-so-nice sides of this years Assembly, I caught some flu there and because of it, I wasn't feeling too well for the time of the party.

And for the rest... Well, I don't know what I should write. And of course, it may not always be the best to write everything for the whole world to see.

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Fl├╝ge USA said...

I´ve been there, too so maybe I could write something for "the rest": Many people come together in a hall (almost a stadium) and get flashed by games or by the new ideas of some people. Than you talk about it. It´s a really open minded community there and everybody is very helpful. I love the party and finland(ia) as well;)