Monday, 14 May 2007

Inkscape and I

A bit over a year ago, I noticed I could apply for Google's Summer of Code program. Browsing their list of projects, for which I could apply, I bumped upon Inkscape website. Graphics programming has been one of my interests for a long time and Inkscape was a program that I was using already now and then. After discussion with Inkscape developers, I ended up submitting my proposal on creating infrastructure for SVG filter effects support.

So, the proposal got accepted and during the summer I worked on developing filter effects support in Inkscape. Soon it was fall and I returned to my studies at the university. I did commit some code during the winter, too, but not really much. When the spring came and I noticed ads promoting Kesäkoodi - a Finnish program similar to Google's Summer of Code - in our student's room, I thought it would be great to continue what I did last summer.

So here I am, beginning another summer filled with reading code, planning, writing documentation - and of course, writing code, too.

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