Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Rather odd blending bugs

Not long after committing the feBlend renderer, ScislaC found some rather odd bugs in it. Well, I'll show you the pictures:

What it looked like:

What it should have looked like:

So, what was up with this? Well, due to roundoff errors, under some circumstances feBlend renderer would output colours with more than 100% of some RGB components. The image compositing code didn't take such colours nicely...

Well, now this should be fixed in SVN.

On other topic, today I was looking for prices of new memory modules, so I could make this computer run smoother. It seems that increasingly often 512 MB just won't do it and the hard disk trashing begins. Now then, SO-DIMM memory is a bit on the expensive side, but for a bit less than 150 € / GB it would likely be worth the money...

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