Monday, 14 May 2007

Setup phaze and feBlend

Today I finally wrapped up some modifications I had lying on my hard disk and committed feBlend renderer into Inkscape codebase. The codebase surely changes fast, as testing those changes with latest code required a full recompile. (and that does take quite a while)

That feBlend renderer isn't much of use yet, as it needs some features, I'm planning to develop over the summer - for example, changing the input image. Blending the filtered image with itself isn't too useful a feature...

Recompiling Inkscape will hopefully take significantly less time in future though, as I installed distcc, which allows me to offload part of the compilation effort onto my other computer. It's quite nice a tool, as it works nice even though that other computer doesn't have all the libraries Inkscape requires, different versions of some and even a different processor architecture.

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